Here for you when your injury stops you in your tracks.

Injury assessments and rehabilitation developed for both recent and previous injuries which are impacting your daily life, sport and training.

Sport related functional assessments to ensure you are ready to return to train or return to play.

Early, mid and end stage rehabilitation specifically designed relative to your sport and goals.

A rehabilitation program which also considers you managing your skill and fitness as a whole athlete, not just your injury site and status.

Enabling you to safely return to sport as early as appropriate to do so to limit your time out on the side lines.


Not at all! We are here to provide a bespoke service which caters for all who are looking to return to their sport of choice. And at META regardless of if you are a professional athlete, you will receive a service which is designed for you as an individual.

At the clinic we are able to take payments via cash, card or over the phone. We do take a deposit on booking with us, which is totally refundable when you pay for your appointment through an insurance policy, or alternatively if you are self-funding your therapy, you are able to put this towards your final appointment with us.

We have clinic appointments at varying times throughout the week and endeavour to find a time which suits you.

Absolutely, however we do encourage with sports injury assessments to have a face to face appointment to fully assess your injury status, and to use the telephone or virtual appointments to ease the demand of attending for follow up appointments as part of your rehabilitation.

We do accept insurance patients yes! we are registered with a number of insurance providers, and if you do not see your specific provider on our extensive list… it is always possible to request for your treatment to be at META from your insurance provider if you wish to do so. Alternatively, if you check your insurance paperwork, it is usually possible to pay for your treatment and claim back with a receipt from ourselves.

It is advisable that patients wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Please bear in mind that a physiotherapist will need to assess posture and movement, and will possibly need to move various areas of the body. Therefore these areas will need to be visible and assessable. Additionally, when the treatments involve manipulation and massage the site of injury will need to be exposed. Your footwear should also be appropriate to perform exercise in, and depending on if you are performing outdoor rehabilitation, you may require a change of footwear.

This advice should also be followed for virtual appointments.

Your initial appointment will include a full consultation and assessment of your condition, inclusive of advice, recommendations, and frequently treatment too.

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