We are here to help you understand, recover, and progress.

We use technology and experience to provide an unmatched service, to enable you to understand your current condition, and how to get to where you want/need to be. Whether that is from a fitness or training point of view, or assessing an injury to help you recover back and beyond your normal self!

Its time to get in contact if your looking for a clinic which provides the below:

  • A clinic based in the West Midlands and a 20 minute drive from the centre of Birmingham; covering surrounding areas of Aldridge, Walsall, Burntwood, Wolverhampton, Lichfield, and Sutton Coldfield.

  • High-tech equipment at our disposal with knowledge how to use it to best help you!

  • Advice fuelled by scientific research and experience.

  • Rave reviews from people who have previously used our services.

“Designed with you in mind…”

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