At META Physiotherapy & Performance we provide a range of services to cater for your needs as listed below:


If you’ve injured yourself in sport or daily life, healing after surgery, or looking to manage your body so you are fit for the future; don’t be side lined by your problem, we are here to help you. It’s always advisable to seek treatment as soon as possible. Early treatment can mean a quick recovery with less time off work or away from leisure activities or sport. 

Strategies to help you on your road to recovery may include; Sports Massage, Taping, Trigger Pointing, Acupuncture, Exercises (Strength, Mobility and Balance to name just a few..), alongside our management advice and guidance. 

You getting better is great, keeping you that way is better.  

Sports Massage 

Is a treatment which is designed to affect the local tissues and your central nervous system to encourage an optimal state for recovery, healing and performance. It is individualised based on your needs, and the pressure of the treatment is entirely guided by you. It is important to note, this treatment is not just for sports people, those who suffer from occupational, emotional and postural stressors can often present in similar ways which can benefit from sports massage. 

Sports Massage has been shown to increase flexibility, increase localised blood flow to tissues, reduce sensations of tightness and soreness, improve soft tissue quality, promote physical and nervous system relaxation to induce optimal states for recovery and rehabilitation. 

To book in, and get started on promoting tissue healing in your body 

Body Composition Assessment 

Body Composition uses non-invasive methods to assess the current composition of your body. Outside of having a Dexa scan, the body composition assessment has been proven to be the most accurate, most cost effective, and one of the least invasive.  

Therefore we measure body girths and skin folds as specific locations and put this into a report which we print out for you to take away at each appointment. Therefore you are able to compare this to your previous body composition assessment with ourselves to track your progress from your fitness training, and enable you to understand the effects your training is having on your body. 


Acupuncture stems from over 3000 years ago in eastern culture; Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that Qi (Pronounced Chee) is the energy flow of the body and passes through the body within meridians, where blockages in your Qi flow cause ailments. Therefore, it is believed within Traditional Chinese Medicine that Acupuncture restores the flow of Qi through the meridian channels, and by extension restores normal function of the body.

From a Western Medical Perspective, Acupuncture has been shown to improve localised tissue blood flow – and therefore tissue healing, enables increases in range of motion, improves quality of soft tissue, improves function, and provides pain relieving effects for many conditions.

Therefore, we are trained in using Western Medical Acupuncture as part of your care plan, and enable you to get back to feeling better, moving better, and being better.