We provide services to assess and treat your musculoskeletal injuries (bone, muscle, joint, tendon, ligament and (some) nerve injuries), with a comprehensive care plan. At META Physiotherapy we may utilise exercise, massage, ultrasound, taping, and acupuncture; to help you to manage your symptoms and get you back to doing the things you enjoy to do. 


Your initial appointment will comprise of a multi-staged assessment. The initial stage will be a subjective assessment, which entails us gaining detail regarding your injury, symptomology and medical history though various questions and dialogue. The second part of your appointment will be the objective assessment; comprehensively analysing how your body moves, feels, and reacts to testing. Subsequent to this, we assess your level of function, to see what your body can tolerate doing, relative to what your goals are.

Your follow up appointments will also encompass an element of this, to enable us to track changes in your presentation over time. However, the time-frame invested in this is relevant to the timescale of the appointment, and the relevant time needed for your treatment too.


Your treatment takes into account your presentation within the assessment part of your appointment, to formulate your care plan. It may comprise of education and guidance, massage, ultrasound, stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, mobilisations, and soon acupuncture!

Prices and Booking

To enquire regarding availability and prices for appointments you can find our details on our Booking an Appointment page. Please remember, prior to being able to book follow-up appointments, an initial assessment is required in order to make sure we are comprehensively assessing your pathology, and giving you the informed care plan that you deserve!